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The Democratic Republic of the Congo: A brief analysis of anthropometric survey from 2000—2006
Estimating mortality in civil conflicts: lessons from Iraq
Health Profiles of Selected Refugee & IDP Population in South Asia
Haiti: A Brief Analysis of Surveys from 2004-2005
First order impacts of food price inflation on nutrition feeding programs
Press Release: Scientific evidence supports UN OCHA extrapolation on Darfur mortality
Methods and tools to evaluate mortality in conflicts: critical review, case-studies and applications
Country profile: Refugees in Bangladesh
Country profile: Refugees in Thailand
Country profile: Stateless Persons in Vietnam
CRED-ACF Briefing Note on Sierra Leone
Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal
Coming together to document mortality in conflict situations: proceedings of a symposium
Anaemia in Complex Emergencies
Consequences of Ongoing Civil Conflict in Somalia: Evidence for Public Health Responses
Press Release: Scientific evidence supports UN OCHA extrapolation on Darfur mortality
The importance of conflict-related mortality in civilian populations.
Civil Conflicts in Four African Countries: A Five-Year Review of Trends in Nutrition and Mortality.
Conflict-related mortality: an analysis of 37 datasets.
Mortality and nutrition surveys by non-governmental organisations. Perspectives from the CE-DAT database.
We need to reform aid policies in states hit by conflict
The many victims of war: Indirect Conflict deaths
Armed Conflict and Public Health.
CEDAT Brief Darfur Sudan: Analysis of Mortality and Nutrition Surveys from N and W Darfur (Jan./04 – Oct./04)
CEDAT Update: Darfur
The Democratic Republic of the Congo: Analysis of mortality and nutrition surveys 2000—2004
Report on Mortality and Nutrition in Darfur, Sudan: Jul./03 – Jan./05
Darfur: Counting the Deaths. Mortality Estimates from Multiple Survey Data
Darfur: Counting the Deaths (2). What are the trends?


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